9 Things We Bought This Month on Amazon Worth Every Penny!


Our Hip team is sharing our picks for the best things to buy on Amazon this month!

white lint bin sticking to side of washing machine

Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping – AND the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few favorite purchases from the past month.

*Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things to buy on Amazon this month according to our team members:

Graphic collage of this weeks Amazon faves

1. Liza chose this humidifier for the current cold/dry season because it’s easier to clean than all the others she’s owned. 

close up of white humidifier on purple box

Liza disliked literally every other humidifier she had owned until she bought this one. She said previous humidifier brands have been hard to clean, are a pain to fill, and can be noisy.

Her new LEVOIT brand is silent and she says you can’t hear it at all! It’s also really easy to fill as you just lift off the top – it beats having to unplug it, take it to the bathroom, and drip it all over the sink. Also, she noted the larger design and the way it’s assembled also make it much easier to clean. It also performs well and she said the mist has a great stream and is adjustable. Her family has been using it for a little over a month now, and so far it’s a 10/10.

2. Rachel has been loving these new shelves she scooped up for her bathroom.

White and gold shelving hanging in bathroom next to mirror

These are the best things to buy on Amazon right now if you’re looking for some stylish new shelving. Our Hip sidekick, Rachel, says she’s been loving them, and judging by the photo they have really elevated her space. 😍 After purchasing a new gold mirror, she grabbed this set of shelves and said they go perfectly together. She’s already thinking about grabbing another set for her other bathroom.

3. Bryn’s new bathmat for her kids was the best thing to buy on Amazon since it’s under $6 shipped.

Close-up of gray ombre bath mat on gray tile floor

This was the month for awesome bathroom finds on Amazon for our team. 🤩 Bryn grabbed this gray bathmat for her teens’ bathroom since it’s extremely affordable and she’s really happy with it! Plus, you really can’t beat the price if you need to replace yours.

4. Bryn also grabbed these silicone ice molds, which are the perfect size for whiskey glasses. 

Close-up of purple silicone ice molds with large cube of ice on top

Bryn said her husband likes to enjoy a glass of whiskey on occasion and these silicone ice cube trays are the perfect size for his glasses. She grabbed a three-pack, which is the most bang for your buck and she loves that they’re stackable and BPA-free.

5. Lina broke down and finally bought herself a heated jacket.

Woman standing outside of car wearing black heated jacket

Lina has been wanting a heated jacket for outdoor sports games and finally broke down and bought this one! She says she loves it so much and it works really well. Lina noted it came with 2 huge patches (a USA flag and the brand’s logo patch) but she was able to easily take them off for a more stylish look.

6. Lina bought this sweater for after our Hip CEO, Collin, recommended it. 

Teen girl posing in living room, wearing striped white and navy blue sweater

Lina said she grabbed this sweater after we featured a deal on it and she saw Collin modeling it on Instagram stories. She agrees, it’s very nice quality and what’s funny is that she originally bought it for herself but said she hasn’t been able to wear it because her teen daughter keeps stealing it! 😆

7. Lina bought her son a ski helmet and goggles set for snowboarding and she has peace of mind thanks to the quality.

Close-up of person wearing maroon colored ski helmet and matching goggles

After Lina’s son bought a ski pass for winter, she grabbed this highly-rated set on Amazon so she’d have peace of mind while he was hitting the slopes a couple of hours away. She couldn’t resist such a good deal on Amazon compared to other ski brands and she said this set has been working great for her 18-year-old son.

8. Collin says if you have trouble going this stuff has worked wonders for her.

bottle of Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 Colon Bowel Cleanse Laxative Capsules

Our Hip CEO, Collin, says this product has been game-changing for her! She says they’re extremely helpful when she’s dealing with constipation or traveling since she always gets stopped-up when she travels.

9. Liz bought this magnetic lint bin which has been super time-saving and it’s super convenient too. 

hand holding a white lint bin

Liz has been loving this magnetic lint bin! She said her laundry room is small and before getting it she didn’t have a convenient place to put lint without walking to her kitchen. She said this lint bin would be perfect for any space because it has a large magnet on the side and it can sit right on the side of the dryer. There’s also a hook to hang it on the wall making the possibilities for your laundry room endless.

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