What Social Media Marketers Can Expect in 2024


Change is in store for social media in 2024. One of the bigger impacts is likely to come from artificial intelligence, which is poised to further transform the biggest social media platforms and the marketing space more broadly. At a tactical level, generative AI will be an important consideration for marketers because of its impact on how systems operate.

Privacy demands are likely to become an even bigger industry issue in the months ahead, which will be partially driven by AI, tech that is already amplifying ongoing concerns in this area. The death of the cookie could see marketers taking a closer look at Facebook, TikTok and other platforms to bolster their media strategies, helping drive revenue gains for social apps. 

As platforms continue to evolve and multiply, establishing a core message that can be used across channels will be key. With new platforms like Threads making waves and more platforms integrating short-form videos, there are a lot of social media marketing trends to keep up with. Knowing how to reach consumers on each platform is an imperative. 

Staying ahead of innovation, and knowing when and how to jump on the latest social media marketing trends will be another skill to master in 2024. With all these changes in mind, we have compiled this playbook to help marketers plan their social media strategies going forward. 

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