Jonathan Majors Compares Girlfriend Meagan Good to Coretta Scott King in First Interview Since Assault Verdict

Less than a month after his guilty verdict, Jonathan Majors is speaking out — and praying to one day return to Hollywood. 

The Emmy-nominated actor and former rising Marvel star was found guilty of one count of misdemeanor third-degree assault and one count of second-degree harassment in December, nine months after he was arrested in New York City on three counts of assault in the third degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, three counts of attempted assault in the third degree, and one count of harassment in the second degree. In a split verdict, he was acquitted on one count of intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree. 

At the time, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office alleged Majors “struck, shoved, kicked and otherwise subjected another person to physical contact thereby causing physical injury to such person and to a family and household member of such person.”

That other person was Majors’ ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who claimed Majors struck her in the face with an “open hand,” leading to a laceration behind her ear. She further claimed he grabbed her hand and put his hand on her neck, both of which allegedly caused bruising and pain. 

“My hands have never struck a woman — ever,” he claimed in a new interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis. As for how her injuries came about, the actor said, “I wish to God I knew.”

“That would give clarity, that would give me some type of peace about it,” he said. Still, he maintained he did not cause them. “I have no question,” he said. 

As for his responsibility in her injuries, Majors only expressed regret over having been there with Jabbari on the night in question, in which an incident occurred between them in the back of an SUV after he received a text from another woman. Surveillance footage captured Majors putting her inside the car and running away, followed by Jabbari on foot. Later that night, he called 911, telling the operator that Jabbari was unconscious. 

“I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have stepped out of the relationship. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship,” he said. “If I’m not in the car, none of this is happening. If I leave the relationship, none of this is happening. If I’m man enough or brave enough to say I want to see somebody else or I’m done now, I’m not in that car. We’re not here. I’m responsible for those things.” 

While he’s not clear how she received those injuries, Majors accused his ex of inflicting harm on him. 

“She went to grab the phone. I held the phone. I pulled the phone back. She came on top of me, squeezing my face, slapping me,” he claimed. “That’s all I remember.” He also noted he had a scratch on his hand and cheek. 

Less than a year later, a verdict was handed down. “I was absolutely shocked and afraid,” he described his reaction to the verdict. “I’m standing there and the verdict comes down. I say, ‘How is that possible based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence? How is that possible?'”

The at-times teary-eyed Majors noted he has not seen seen his daughter in a long time, saying their separation has a lot to do with the case. One person who has been a constant in his life since the case began is his girlfriend, Meagan Good, who has been by his side in court and was even in the room during his ABC interview. 

“She’s an angel. She’s held me down like… a Coretta,” he said, referencing Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife. He reportedly encouraged Jabbari to act like Coretta Scott King, according to audio of him she recorded. 

“I’m so blessed to have her,” he continued. “You know, the relationship is still fresh, but, you know, I think I found her.”

In less than a month, Majors will be back in court for sentencing. As for what his professional future holds, he prays it includes Hollywood. 

“You think you’ll ever work in Hollywood again?” he was asked. 

“Yeah, I do,” he responded. “I pray I do, but it’s God’s plan and God’s timing.”



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