Top eLearning Guest Author Articles: December 2023 Edition

Inspired eLearning Guest Author Articles To Check Out

It’s time again to highlight the top eLearning guest author articles featured on eLI. This round covers everything from digital inclusivity to inquiry-based learning. In no particular order, here are the top guest articles published last month to help you choose the right authoring tool, reduce cognitive load, and develop equitable eLearning environments.

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Guest Posting Guide: How To Become A Top Content Contributor On eLearning Industry

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5 Standout Guest Author Articles On eLI

Reviving Curiosity: Fostering Inquiry-Based Learning Online By Satyabrata Das

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, fostering curiosity nurtures the roots of intellectual growth. Satyabrata Das explains why the need for inquiry-based learning becomes more pronounced as we navigate the digital realm.

Reducing Cognitive Load Through Scaffolding By Inna Horvath

This article, penned by Inna Horvath, explores the role of scaffolding as a pedagogical strategy to lighten the cognitive load on learners, fostering a more efficient and enjoyable learning journey.

11 Key Considerations When Selecting An eLearning Authoring Tool With Modern Tech By Sarah Sedgman

From AI to personalized learning paths, technology is redefining how eLearning is created and experienced. Sarah Sedgman shares a checklist of items to evaluate before selecting an eLearning authoring tool.

Digital Inclusivity: Creating Equitable Online Learning Environments By Joseph Evanick

Guest contributor Joseph Evanick examines the various dimensions of digital inclusivity and discusses how to cultivate equitable and accessible online learning spaces.

Unlocking Success: How Your Change Manager Can Help You Shine By Ivy Cowgill, M.Ed., CMS, CPTM

From leveraging analytical acumen to trusting expertise, Ivy Cowgill covers the six principles of implementing change and empowering a change manager.

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