EOY Content, SE Contributors, and Fav Holiday Food Moments


Well folks, we did it! We made it to the end of 2023. How? We’re not quite sure. It all seems like a blur, but we can’t say we didn’t accomplish a lot—a French desserts package, a fourth consecutive year of an extra starchy Starch Madness, a vibrant farmers market package, Jamaican recipes, Vietnamese recipes, Thai soup recipes…woof, we’re out of breath! We’re so grateful for everyone we work with who makes our lil corner of the internet possible, but also to you, our readers, for taking it all in and motivating us. We can’t wait for what 2024 will bring. Maybe you think that’s cheesy, but if you do, well, I didn’t ask!!

Before we bid this year ado, we wanted to bring you one more Mise en Place for the year! This one is full of some last roundups of the year, a “Back of House” piece highlighting our wonderful contributors, and some fun anecdotes from the staff about their favorite holiday movie food scenes.

Last Call For EOY Content!

We realize it’s possible some of our audience isn’t aware of all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making Serious Eats great. We’re lucky enough to have a skilled culinary team down in Birmingham, as well as our wonderful freelance cross-testers, who work tirelessly to test our recipes before we bring them to you. We wanted to take a moment to shout them out and hear about their favorite recipes they’ve worked with—since they really do spend a lot of time with these recipes—so, we did! Make sure to read about what they enjoyed testing (and eating) this year. 

Serious Eats

We also, for the first time, tried our hand at putting together a list of what we think will be “in” and “out” in the world of food in 2024. It’s silly! It’s goofy! It’s not really that serious!! (Okay, maybe it is a little). Truthfully, it’s just another way for us to share our (many, many) opinions, because it’s fun. Give it a read and let us know what you think, will ya?

We’re Nothing Without Our Contributors

Last year, we started taking this end-of-year time to recognize our talented contributors—both recipe developers and photographers—who work faithfully to help diversify and deepen the content on our site. This year, we’re back with round two! Make sure to read all about the faces behind our recipes and photos, and stay tuned for more of their work next year.

Only One of Us is Allergic to Holiday Movies

We’re all looking forward to a little holiday break, and of course, watching a plethora of holiday movies. This week we went around the (virtual) table and shared our favorite food scenes from these movies. The responses? Most won’t surprise you, but some actually might!

Kevin’s mac n’ cheese in Home Alone!! The Who’s roast beast in The Grinch! When Clark cuts into the turkey in Christmas Vacation! Does the Christmas party scene in Goodfellas count as a food scene? Because that is a great scene! —Leah Colins, senior culinary editor

Does Trading Places count as a Christmas movie? If so, the scene where Dan Aykroyd eats salmon out of his Santa beard lives in my head rent free. —Katie Brown, commerce news/deals writer

Apparently none of the movies I watch around Christmas are actually Christmas movies, so let’s say the dogs stealing the turkey in A Christmas Story. —Jesse Raub, commerce writer

The scene that breaks my heart is in The Holiday when Kate Winslet and Jack Black are eating sushi and he runs off to go talk with his ex. But you know it’s also leading to the pivotal moment when he realizes that he should be with her (slash make Arthur’s celebration!). —Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, senior commerce editor

Cameron Diaz shopping for her night alone in the cottage in The Holiday. Buying so much cheese and wine that the cashier asks if she’s having a party. “Oh yeah,” she says while chugging out of a bottle. It’s a whole mood. —Taysha Murtaugh, commerce director, food group

I’m allergic to holiday movies. I’ve seen many, I like some of them…but total mental block on them all. —Daniel Gritzer, senior culinary director


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