Joe Manganiello Praises This Actress for “Aging Backwards”

Joe Manganiello knows that Ming-Na Wen‘s reflection shows who she is inside.

The True Blood actor praised his longtime friend for “aging backwards” when the Mulan actress accepted the Timeless Beauty prize at the Hollywood Beauty Awards March 3.

“When you hear the phrase ‘timeless beauty,’ you think of someone frozen in time,” Manganiello shared on stage in Los Angeles. “But that’s just not the case with Ming.”

As he put it, “I can tell you firsthand that this isn’t a person frozen in time or a person who isn’t aging—this is someone who is aging backwards.” 

His proof? Well, Manganiello—who split with Sofía Vergara last year—has actually known Wen for many years, as they both attended Pittsburg’s Mt. Lebanon High School, as well as Carnegie Mellon University.

“I’ve seen Ming’s awkward high school photos from back when she was the president of the Science Fiction Fantasy Club,” Manganiello explained. “This is a person who keeps getting better looking as time goes on.”

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