SMOL Takes the Popular Series in a Fun New Turn

The new game Rainbow Six: SMOL is, well, a bit different. And that’s no necessarily a bad thing.

Only for Netflix subscribers, the game still features fast-paced shooting action, but this time you’ll be saving the adorable world of SMOL.

You’ve just joined as a recruit to Rainbow. So you’ll need to save the world and the mysterious threat surrounding it while also getting your teammates back home in one piece.

Be prepared for tons of destruction, or not. You can be stealthy and just use a few bullets to complete a mission or use the full squad to blow up entire buildings. All of the environments are completely destructible.

The squad is full of unique Rainbow Operators, each with their own special abilities. You can mix and match to help achieve objectives.

While playing, you can also unlock new content like operators, gear, recruit classes, tactical patches, or even Book of Power so you can turn into an unstoppable force.

As a fan of the books and games, I was just a bit skeptical of playing the game. But I have enjoyed it so far. The fast-paced destruction provides a fun turn on the popular series.

Rainbow Six: SMOL is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. You’ll need to be a Netflix subscriber to play. Plans start at $6.99.

Netflix continues to build a great catalog of games for the iPhone and iPad that spans different genres. You can see the entire list of available games here.

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