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Are You Kinda Healthy and Over 30? Apply to Join NASA’s Simulated Mars Mission Gizmodo

Plane Passengers Horrified as Maggots Rain Down From Luggage Compartment Futurism

Lawmaker raises new flap over U.S.-funded virology research that critics call risky Science

Breathing Space New Left Review. On anti-utopian architecture.


How the US government began its decade-long campaign against the anti-pipeline movement Grist


High-risk patients alarmed by CDC’s plan to ease covid isolation guidance Washington Post

Prevalence of Immunosuppression Among US Adults JAMA. “In this study using the 2021 NHIS, an estimated 6.6% of US adults had immunosuppression. This rate of immunosuppression was higher than the previous national estimate of 2.7% using the 2013 NHIS.”


Is there an “Africa penalty” in sovereign ratings by credit agencies? An Africanist Perspective

Thanks to the IMF, Zambia’s fuel prices have nearly doubled in two years Grieve Chelwa, Africa Watch


Munich Security Conference: China’s Wang Yi defends ties with Russia, warns West on Taiwan ‘red line’ South China Morning Post

GBA at 5: how Hong Kong has become the investment and insurance hub of Greater Bay Area South China Morning Post

Tesla Hacked? Kyle Bass Raises Questions On CCP-Linked Angela Chao’s Death The Deep Dive


War on Gaza: US ‘to send weapons to Israel’ while pushing for ceasefire Middle East Eye

Hamas welcomes UN court’s demands for Israel to immediately implement provisional measures in Rafah Anadolu Agency

Gazans Fled Their Homes.They Have Nowhere to Return to Haaretz

Palestinians in Gaza Do Have Somewhere to Go: Their Homes in What is Now Israel Sam Husseini


Israel settlers hold military exercises near Palestinian homes in West Bank Middle East Monitor

Illegal West Bank settlements broke record in 2023: Report The Cradle

Israel is surveilling U.S. data on settler attacks to thwart sanctions, sources reveal +972 Magazine


Israel Was Behind Attacks on Major Gas Pipelines in Iran, Officials Say New York Times


US to build 5 ‘well-equipped’ military bases for Somali army’s commando force to combat terrorism Anadolu Agency

Terrorism in Africa increased 100,000% during ‘war on terror’ Responsible Statecraft

Red Sea Rivalries. Phenomenal World. “Egypt, Ethiopia, and histories of maritime war.”

European Disunion

Germany blocked EU boss’ NATO bid – Welt RT

Germany swims or sinks with NATO Indian Punchline

Pashinyan Has Another Meeting With British Intelligence Chief Asbarez


EU ‘absolutely willing’ to use trade tools against China to fight unfair practices as bloc launches train probe South China Morning Post

New Not-So-Cold War

Navalny death ratchets up pressure on GOP to move Ukraine aid The Hill


Biden Administration Blames Congress for Fall of Ukrainian City New York Times

Ukraine Pulls Troops Out of Avdeyevka, But Not to ‘Save Lives’ – Moscow Sputnik


The Insanity of War Tarik Cyril Amar. “Is this avoidable conflict driving Ukraine out of its mind?”

DOJ: Confiscated Russian funds will support Ukraine — via Estonia Politico. $500,000.


Russian Space Nukes and Navalny’s Death… U.S. Psyops Go Ballistic Strategic Culture

Is This a Sputnik Moment? New York Times

The US Military Already Has a Decades-Old Countermeasure for Russian Space Nukes

SCOTT RITTER: Mike Turner’s Folly Consortium News


Imperial Collapse Watch

Army moving towards new Javelin launcher fielding in 2025, software glitch fixed Breaking Defense

Territorial Labor and the Political Economy of American Empire Law and Political Economy Project

From Individual to Society: New Insights on Mental Health Care’s Role in Social Justice Mad in America

South of the Border

Russia Claims Ecuador Has Agreed to Cancel Weapons Swap With US Bloomberg


Trump touts new shoe deal at Sneaker Con appearance Washington Examiner

Trump fans launch GoFundMe to raise $355M ex-prez owes after civil fraud trial New York Post

Fani Willis’ testimony evokes long-standing frustrations for Black women leaders AP

Atlanta Prosector Fani Willis Sent Black Educators to Jail Black Agenda Report. From August, still germane.


Nikki Haley’s latest target on the campaign trail? Kamala Harris NPR

Kamala Harris on Trump: ‘No previous US president has bowed down to a Russian dictator before’ The Guardian


Reddit Is Licensing Content To An Unnamed AI Company PC Mag


Quest Diagnostics pays $5M after mixing patient medical data with hazardous waste The Register


Cancer Patients Caught in the Crosshairs of Hospital Consolidation MedPage Today

Police State Watch

New bill would let defendants inspect algorithms used against them in court The Verge

The Bezzle

Supercomputers and AI Unlock Secret Materials for Next-Gen Carbon Capture SciTech Daily

Our Famously Free Press

State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs Matt Taibbi, Racket News

Klarenberg’s piece on the UK’s National Security Act referenced in the above.

Class Warfare

Business, labor fight over California law few know about Cal Matters

Labor Action Tracker, Annual Report 2023 Cornell University ILR School, University of Illinois LER School, “…the number of work stoppages increased by ~9% (433 to 470) between 2022 and 2023, the number of workers involved in work stoppages increased by ~141% (224,000 to 539,000).”

Take Shelter Atmos

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