Will Trent Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers : A Car Bombing Investigation Tests Will’s Limits

The wait is almost over.

Will Trent is finally back, and Georgia’s finest investigators are back in action.

Spoilers for Will Trent Season 2 Episode 1 suggest that this season, cases and the characters’ professional lives will be intertwined as ever, at least from what’s planned for the Season 2 premiere.

While the cases are a significant part of the series, most of the cast will also dig into their individual arcs, and they jump into that promptly.

On Will Trent Season 1 Episode 13, Will learned who his mother was and how a vicious serial killer, James, attacked her, and she died in childbirth.

To make matters worse, Will learned James was likely his birth father, and James wanted revenge on him, so he murdered more women and almost killed Angie.

According to spoilers, Will longs to learn more about his family roots. This is challenging since Amanda is the only person who knew his mom, and Will still feels betrayed since she kept his family history a secret for so long and he grew up in a traumatic foster care system.

We see Will start to learn things to grow closer to his late mother, but he still struggles to let anyone close to him except Betty.

Other spoilers hint that this car bombing investigation isn’t simple, and they need extra help, so they pull in bomb expert Cricket Dawson (Susan Kelechi Watson).

This case has got to be significant if they’re pulling in big-name guest stars like her and Clark Gregg to play one of the intended targets.

The  Will Trent promo and spoiler photos show Arthur ( Clark Gregg) running as soon as Will asks him if anyone has a reason to kill him. Since Arthur is a new character, we don’t know if he’s running from a past or if he’s trying to protect a family member.

If Arthur is trying to help a family member, that’s Will’s weak spot since he grew up without family and wouldn’t want to tear apart a family.

Since the promo teased more than one bomb, I suspect Arthur is afraid of someone. Does Arthur have an enemy, or is the bomber sending a message to someone at the GBI?

The season premiere should be action-packed as we learn the bombers’ motives, who they’re working for, and just how hot Cricket and Will are while they defuse bombs.

The promo also hinted at a fiery attraction between Cricket and Will. Will has never really dated anyone but Angie, so he’s awkward at communicating with women.

He’s never felt he deserved better than his dysfunctional relationship with Angie.

There is still no word on casting Sara Linton, so could this be another chance at love for Will? We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, Angie also struggles to heal from her ordeal with James, both physically and emotionally. It’s been six months since that traumatic day, and like many people with an addiction, Angie wants to return to work for fear of being idle and wanting drugs again.

We figured there would be a time jump, and I’m glad we didn’t have to watch everyone by Angie’s bedside while she was comatose, begging her to survive.

Seeing the emotional aspects of her rehab will be more interesting since it’s a fine line between returning to work and injuring herself again or having herself become bored and falling off the wagon again.

It’s probably something many people with an addiction struggle with, and Erika Christensen will play this storyline beautifully.

We don’t know where Angie and Will stand and if the latest trauma bonded them closer together or tore them apart, but they’ll probably always care about each other.

For the first time since Will Trent Season 1 Episode 3,  spoilers tease an in-depth look at Michael and Gina Ormewood’s marriage and family life.

Michael is the main character we know the least about, so getting a more intimate look at how he interacts with his children and fights to save his marriage adds depth to him.

We’ve been asking for this for months.

Michael has made so many mistakes in Will Trent Season 1 by lashing out in anger and having an affair, but hopefully, he can prove how much he loves his family.

The least exciting spoiler involves Faith’s love life. While learning more about each agent is intriguing, Faith Mitchell doesn’t have the best track record with men.

She tends to fall for the bad boys and get left in the dust. The last man Faith had smoking chemistry with was Sam LaPorte. Many fans had hoped he’d return after his stint in prison.

We don’t know much about Luke (Ser’ Darius Blain) yet, but we wonder if he’ll be another fun bad boy or a helpful agent that rattles Will when he sees him.

One of the best things about Will Trent is its intertwining professional cases and personal issues. While the cases are integral to the episode, the characters’ pasts will be woven in more.

We’re not sure of much, but we’re confident there will be lots of entertaining banter among the team, and we can’t wait.

What do you think, Will Trent Fanatics?

Let us know in the comments what you’re most excited to see.

Will Trent airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 8/7c.

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