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How do you make the most of breakout rooms in your eLearning program? Where does AI fit into your skills development plan? These eLearning demonars and webinars have the answers. You can also take a deep dive into rapid custom eLearning, gather insights for training your hybrid teams, learn how to launch a skills-based organization, and provide seamless learning experiences.

eLearning Demonars And Webinars For L&D And HR Pros

Training A Hybrid Workforce: Actionable Insights By CommLab India

Explore the intricacies of training a hybrid workforce and unravel strategies to boost engagement, foster inclusivity, and enhance overall effectiveness. This webinar focuses on the commitment to level the learning field, addressing the challenges organizations face when training employees who are dispersed across various locations and time zones, and who hail from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Speakers: RK Prasad & Shalini Merugu

Transforming Talent: How To Build A Skill-Based Organization By eloomi

This webinar draws on statistics from industry leaders to illustrate the transformative power of a skill-based approach and dive deep into actionable tactics for identifying long-term organizational strengths and weaknesses to unlock employees’ full potential. It’s ideal for business leaders, HR and L&D professionals, or talent development managers who are looking for the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving workforce management landscape.

Speakers: Andrew Mina & Isabelle Muthsam

Designing Collaborative Experiences With Breakout Rooms By Adobe

Adult learners have a wealth of knowledge that you can leverage, and breakout rooms are a great way to add engagement to your virtual sessions while enabling social learning and collaboration. The trick is knowing how to moderate sessions to keep the lines of communication open and choosing the best activities to foster peer-based learning remotely. This event highlights how to design breakout experiences that fully engage your learners and take active participation to the next level.

Speaker: Alistair Lee

Revolutionize Learning: A Deep Dive Into Rapid Custom eLearning By CommLab India

Delve into strategies and solutions that redefine the conventional norms of L&D. Discover how to meet the urgent demands for upskilling, align with business goals, ensure process efficiencies, and accelerate the design and development of eLearning solutions in a way that transcends traditional boundaries.

Speakers: Rajesh Damera & Shalini Merugu

Accelerate Your Skills Framework Reducing Barriers Using AI By Learning Pool

Building and maintaining effective skills frameworks that help you identify the skills you have and need in your business can be time-consuming. In this demonar, experience how Learning Pool’s Skills Builder can help you get up and running with skills by taking advantage of market data, AI, and a unique skills ontology. You’ll also learn about the barriers preventing organizations from using skills data to drive career development.

Speaker: Colin Welch

Discover The Path To Seamless Learning Experiences With Adobe Learning Manager By Adobe

Experience how Adobe Learning Manager is redefining learning management in this demo that examines three key pillars: offering a holistic solution that elevates the learner experience, empowering administrators, and providing seamless integration capabilities for optimal efficiency.

Speaker: Jamal Watkins

Wrapping Up

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