Glen Powell Reacts to His Mom Describing His Past Styles as “Douchey”

Real funny, Mom.

After Glen Powell revealed in an E! interview that his mother Cyndy has called him out on some of his outfits, noting he “could look a little douchey,” the Top Gun: Maverick took to social media to comment further—with jokes.

“Anyone have good nursing home recommendations?” the 35-year-old tweeted on X Feb. 3. “I feel like it’s time.”

Glen has occasionally shared Instagram posts featuring his mom and dad Glen Powell Sr., who are both 70. In November, he posted a selfie of himself with his parents at the Jefferson Memorial on their 40th anniversary, captioning the pic, “Lucky to have your love in my life every day.

Cyndy and Glen Sr. have occasionally accompanied their son to red carpet and other celebrity events over the years. The three most recently attended the premiere of the actor’s latest project, Richard Linklater‘s film Hit Man, at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival Jan. 22.

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