The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2024 The Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2024

January has almost finished, and 2024 has already started dishing out the horror flicks. This past month saw the release of Night Swim, a film about a ghostly pool, and the political slasher Founder’s Day. However, the year has only just begun, and there are countless other horror flicks heading their way into theaters soon.

Some of these films are original ideas, while others serve as new installments of beloved franchises. Regardless, all come steeped in intrigue, making them some of the most anticipated horror films of the year.

Lisa Frankenstein – February 9

Written by Diablo Cody, Lisa Frankenstein seems to capture the old-school comedy horror feel of the 80s. The film stars Kathryn Newton as the titular character, a peculiar teenager who creates a boyfriend out of a reanimated corpse — played by Cole Sprouse.

There are many reasons to be excited for Lisa Frankenstein, whether it’s the campy aesthetic, the quirky storyline, or the talented names attached to the project. Zelda Williams, Shrimp director and daughter of the late Robin Williams, serves as the film’s director.

Imaginary – March 8

From Blumhouse, Imaginary‘s first trailer depicts the film as a frightening take on a childhood dream. The movie stars Dewanda Wise as a woman who realizes her childhood teddy bear is actually alive and harbors sinister intentions.

Imaginary is a unique idea for horror, following a nefarious imaginary friend of sorts. The film If, which is a family-friendly take on a similar idea, comes out a few months after Imaginary. But Blumhouse’s picture boasts enough original material to make it stand out on its own as an exciting new horror film. Wise is also an excellent performer and has great potential as a scream queen.

Immaculate – March 22


Starring Sydney Sweeney, Immaculate is a horror film set at an Italian convent. The film contains supernatural elements, and seems to be a psychological thriller of sorts.

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney started her career in horror films, giving all the more reason to check out her performance in Immaculate. Not much is known about the film, but Sweeney plays a nun, and based on the title, it may involve immaculate conception.

Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 – March 26

Jagged Edge Productions

While the first Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood and Honey is considered one of the worst films of 2022, the supposed change of direction for the second film is a bit exciting. The idea of murderous versions of Pooh Bear and his woodland friends is the stuff of childhood nightmares, but the first film lacked the proper execution to be substantial.

The designs for the beloved characters gone bad have been changed, and the budget is reportedly much larger. While the first film is so bad it’s good, maybe Blood and Honey 2 has a chance at being a quality slasher.

The First Omen – April 5

A prequel to the infamous Omen film franchise, The First Omen seems to be upping the stakes and taking itself very seriously. The first trailer is gritty and frightening, and suggests a hardcore horror affair.

The First Omen boasts an exciting cast including Servant’s Nell Tiger Free, and beautiful scenery as it’s set in Rome. The film also seems to carry several layered plot points, indicating that this will be a dynamic horror prequel. The world of The Omen has not been explored in two decades, making this new film even more exciting.

Abigail – April 19

A reunion between Scream (2022) and Scream VI directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett and actress Melissa Berrera, Abigail depicts a group of kidnappers who get more than they bargained for when their young target is revealed to be a vampire. This original film looks like a bloody good time based on its trailer, which showcases a supernatural slasher of sorts.

Abigail looks stylish, brandishing visuals coated in eye-popping colors. The story also seems twisted and unpredictable. Kathryn Newton also makes an appearance in this film, further establishing the actress as a modern scream queen.

Alien: Romulus – August 16

Twentieth Century Fox

Directed by Fede Alverez, who helmed 2013’s Evil Dead, Alien: Romulus promises to shake up the long-running Alien franchise. The film will take place between the first and second movies and is said to retcon some of the later, less acclaimed sequels, which is probably a good call.

Alien: Romulus is the first movie in the franchise to feature teenagers being hunted by xenomorphs, and it’s expected to be very gory. A trailer hasn’t been released yet, which adds to the mystery of this new sequel starring Cailey Spaeny.

Saw XI – September 27


After Saw X’s immense success both critically and commercially, it’s no surprise that another sequel is coming this year. Plot details are currently under wraps, but a cryptic poster has been released.

Since Saw X focused more on character development than the previous films, it’s safe to assume the eleventh film in the franchise will do the same. There are so many interesting and macabre places to take the Saw franchise, making Saw XI a must-see for many horror fans.

Smile 2 – October 18

Paramount Pictures

2022’s Smile is regarded by many as one of the scariest movies of this decade so far, and the sequel is hotly anticipated in the horror community. Smile 2‘s plot is currently unknown, but it is known that the film will star Naomi Scott and Lukas Gage. It hails from writer and director Parker Finn will return.

The first film follows a psychiatrist being stalked by an unknown entity no one but her can see. It seems that the curse at the forefront of the first film will affect new characters this time around, which feels like a breath of fresh air.

Terrifer 3- October 25

2022’s Terrifier 2 caused some moviegoers to become ill and require ambulances to come to the theater, and Terrifier 3 will reportedly be worse. Writer and director Damien Leone has revealed that several Hollywood studios rejected Terrifer 3 due to its extreme gore.

A teaser has already been released for the Christmas-themed slasher sequel, which depicts a young child finding Art dressed as Santa Clause under the tree. Instead of presents, Art carries an ax. This teaser indicates that Terrifier 3 will feature little to no limits when it comes to onscreen carnage.

Nosferatu – December 25

Focus Features

Robert Eggers has already established himself as an iconic filmmaker with films like The Witch, The Lighthouse, and The Northman. Now, the acclaimed writer and director is tackling a horror classic. Eggers’ adaptation of this beloved vampire tale features a loaded cast including It’s Bill Skarsgård, as well as Lily-Rose Depp, Willem Dafoe, Nicholas Hoult, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Eggers’ films all contain a distinctly bleak yet fantastical style, and based on its first few images, Nosferatu is no exception. This will probably be a darker take on the infamous story, and Skarsgård’s portrayal of the frightening character should be nothing short of groundbreaking.

Longlegs – TBA 2024

Neon has just put out some cryptically creepy promos for an unknown film, but it is all but confirmed that the teasers are for Longlegs. Longlegs stars Nicolas Cage as an occultist serial killer, and Maika Monroe as an FBI agent who shares a strange connection to the killer.

Nicolas Cage as a sinister serial killer is enough to seal the deal for many moviegoers, but this film is also directed by horror filmmaker Oz Perkins, adding even more star power. The strange clips released by Neon depict a very frightening experience that echoes films like Seven and Sinister.

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