The One Question I Ask My Kids After School

When my kids get home from school, they’re often a combination of buzzy and exhausted.

Remember these viral before-and-after photos of a Scottish girl named Lucie? This is the vibe.

I’m always curious to hear about their days, but asking “How was school?” feels too broad (and never works). Once I read that asking your child about their busy school day is like asking an adult, “How were the last 20 years of your life?” Impossible to answer.

And yet! After 13 years of parenting, I finally figured out a question that DOES elicit conversation. When the boys get home, I give them an hug and ask, “How was your day on a scale of 1 to 10?”

It’s an easy conversation starter because they have to say only one word back; and once the ice is broken, they usually end up sharing more. Also, the question helps show them that I’m here and ready to talk about any kind of day they had, good or bad or meh. Because that’s what life is!

Thoughts? How do you talk to your kids about their days? We’re also fans of Rose, Bud, Thorn.

P.S. How to talk to kids about sex, consent, periods, death and race; and three words that changed how I parent.

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