Apple Watch ban: everything you need to know


Meet Marcelo Lamego, a key figure in the patent battle that’s banned Apple watches.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman goes into the history of Masimo’s patent infringement case against Apple’s wearables, explaining that Lamego was the CTO at a Masimo spinoff. He rebuffed one inquiry from Apple, but in 2013 he emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook at 1AM about working there and joined a few months later:

Lawyers for Masimo say that Lamego lacked prior knowledge about how to develop the blood-oxygen feature (his previous studies were about neural interfaces rather than health sensors). He learned how to build the technology at Kiani’s companies and delivered it to Apple, they say.

Lamego then resigned from Apple in July 2014, just months after joining. Masimo argues that he left after Apple got what it needed.

Masimo also says Apple hired its former chief medical officer and 20 or so other staffers, while Apple claims he wasn’t a good fit.


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