Live Through Three Classic Absurdists Stories in Playing Kafka

The was created with leading Kafka experts and on the 100-year anniversary of his death.

In the game, you will enjoy of fully voice branding story based on Kafka’s The Trial, The Castle, and Letter To His Father.

Each of the chatters features atmospheric puzzles, fateful decisions, and drag-and-drop gameplay. It will take around 1,5 hours to complete all three chapters.

The Trial features an opaque legal trial and a web of never-ending bureaucracy. Its up to you to approach the accusation against you. You can choose who to ask for help and how to talk to others.

Letter to His Father explores Kafka’s unset confession to his father. You’ll try to help Kafka find the right words help Kafka come to terms with his childhood.

In The Castle, you’ll arrive at a snowy village to work as a land surveyor. But nothing is as it seems.

Playing Kafka is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s a free download with no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

I really enjoyed reading Kafka’s many works in high school and college, and the game brings his words to life.

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