Our Darkest Day Trailer Released for Survival Horror Management Game

PikPok Games has given a new Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days trailer and a host of new information on the survival horror-infused management game.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days, the shelter survival game set in a zombie-infested Texas city, offers a new glimpse of its harrowing vision of an undead outbreak at the PC Gaming Show with a new gameplay teaser. The game forms part of the Into the Dead franchise, with over 150 million downloads.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days trailer and new details

As the undead overrun Walton, Texas, in the summer of 1980, desperate survivors band together in hopes of staying alive long enough to escape the city.

The Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days PC Gaming Show teaser showcases the game’s three cornerstones: planning, adapting, and surviving. Scavenge various locations for valuable materials, carefully avoiding zombies in heavily infected areas. Balance each survivor’s needs and well-being and upgrade meager shelters with fortifications and amenities to make it through the night before selecting new locations to explore the following day.

As time passes, Walton City’s undead inhabitants spread like the plague, requiring flexibility and adaptability. Utilize resources to craft weapons and tools to face down zombies, and move shelters frequently to stay relatively safe. Make difficult choices that affect the group’s morale, welcome newcomers, or prey on trusting survivors when supplies become scarce. Adjust to evolving escape plans as you navigate difficult in-game decisions, survivor permadeath, and the ever-present threat of encroaching zombies.

Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days will launch on PC via Steam Early Access in 2025, with a playable demo coming in October 2024.

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