Gift your Dad the freedom to drive easier with AAWireless this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner. It’s a rare opportunity to express your love for the man who has been and continues to be your go-to guy for most things. Undoubtedly, you’d want your gift to be as unique as your Dad. So, have you zeroed in on an original gift that expresses your love and makes your father feel special?

Consider the AAWireless adapter. An innovative car gadget that will make your Dad’s life much easier by making every drive safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable.

There’s a good chance your father may be using apps on his car infotainment system for navigating, calling and messaging, or listening to music. The AAWireless makes this all easier by creating a wireless connection between his phone and his car’s infotainment system. So, he can use Android Auto without plugging in his phone via a USB cable.

You’ll agree this cool convenience and freedom make the AAWireless adapter the perfect Father’s Day gift. Now is the best time to grab this nifty car gadget, going at its special 15% off Father’s Day price, from June 7 to 14, 2024. Just head over to Amazon to get it for only $63.74!

AAWireless Car Adapter


$63.74 $74.99 Save

AAWireless is the world’s first Android Auto adapter, designed to empower car owners with wireless Android Auto connectivity. On long trips or shorter commutes, you’ll love using your favorite apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and WhatsApp with the freedom and convenience of AAWireless. It comes with its companion app that keeps the device up to date and helps you solve operational issues easily. Made to the highest quality standards in Europe, this must-have car accessory can be yours at a 15% Father’s Day discount exclusively on Amazon.

What is Android Auto?

With Android Auto on your phone, you only need to connect your phone to your car infotainment system, and your Android apps will appear on-screen. So, you can access Google Maps to get driving directions, Spotify or Deezer for music, or WhatsApp to call or text hands-free.

If your father’s phone is powered by Android 10 or above, the Android Auto software will be pre-installed. Otherwise, you can install it for him from the Play Store. Android Auto is compatible with over 200 million cars worldwide, so it’s bound to run on your Dad’s car. If you’re not sure, AAWireless released its compatibility test to find out in one minute if you’re compatible.

And with the AAWireless that you gift to him, your father can enjoy using Android Auto automatically and wirelessly. Let’s explore how.

How the AAWireless adapter makes Android Auto wireless

AAWireless is the preferred choice of discerning car owners, not only for making Android Auto wireless but also for making the process simple and automatic.

Forget the pain of constantly plugging in your phone with a cable. Now, you only need to plug the AAWireless adapter into the USB port of the car via the high-quality USB cable in the box. Then, connect your phone to this nifty dongle via Bluetooth. With this initial Bluetooth pairing done, the AAWireless will connect via Wi-Fi, which will become the dongle’s connection by default.

Installation is simple and quick with the official AAWireless app guiding you along.

And you’ll have no more worries about connecting to Android Auto again. Once installed, the AAWireless adapter will connect automatically. Imagine your father’s joy of going wire-free and hands-free with AAWireless.

5 reasons that make the AAWireless adapter the perfect Father’s Day gift

If not already convinced, consider the following reasons and benefits of the AAWireless adapter that will make your father’s driving experience the best he has ever had:

1. No more annoying cables with wireless connectivity

Plugging his phone into the car display every day, on every drive to use Android Auto is a bother your father would want out of his life. Then, plugging it out again when getting out of the car. It’s more annoying than you think, especially when he’s in a rush.

With the AAWireless adapter always plugged in, your Dad never has to connect his phone via USB to use Android Auto and enjoy his favorite apps. AAWireless will get him connected without a sweat.

2. Saves your Dad precious time every morning

A man holding the AAWireless adapter connected to Android Auto

Source: AAWireless

With daily chores to attend to and getting ready for work, mornings would be a hurried time for your Dad. But, with AAWireless always in the car, his Android phone can automatically connect to Android Auto, as soon as he gets in. So, he can head off to work with confidence and without worry.

The AAWireless adapter will save your Dad precious time with no wires to connect his phone or wait for it to pair with the infotainment system. He will always be thankful to you for this nifty and thoughtful gift.

3. Makes every drive safer and easier

A man starting Google Maps automatically using AAWireless

Source: AAWireless

You’d always want your father to be safe while driving. AAWireless makes his daily commutes and inter-state trips easier and safer by helping him focus on the road ahead.

He doesn’t need to plug in his phone on a busy street if he needs to use Android Auto urgently. He can keep it in his pocket and forget about it, knowing he can use any app if he needs to wirelessly.

A man driving with his phone kept in his jeans pocket

Source: AAWireless

Moreover, Android Auto will only let him use apps that are safe for driving like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, and Deezer. And he’ll always be alert behind the steering wheel as he can make calls, schedule meetings, and text co-workers and loved ones via voice control.

4. Makes older cars wireless-compliant

Android Auto was launched in 2016. However, most cars manufactured between 2016 and 2020 don’t support wireless connectivity. If your father’s car was built during these five years, it won’t be able to run wireless Android Auto either.

But, the AAWireless adapter can make his car wireless-compliant. It’s a unique, high-quality, inexpensive solution that will empower your Dad to enjoy Android Auto and his favorite apps wirelessly.

5. Free companion app to personalize his experience

A man using the AAWireless companion app on his phone

Source: AAWireless

The free AAWireless companion app with its innovative features and customizations is a key factor that has made the AAWireless adapter a best-seller since 2020. Tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers swear by this nifty device and your father will enjoy it too.

The companion app will enable your Dad to customize his Android Auto experience. He can try out the split-screen capabilities, and adjust the screen’s pixel density, and the LED indicators as well. He’ll find it easy to do with the app’s simple interface and easy-to-understand instructions. Plus, regular firmware updates on the app will ensure he enjoys the latest features.

The thoughtfully-developed app will also help your Dad to fix connectivity problems or issues with the adapter. And he can always seek help as the app also features a dedicated customer support channel.

AAWireless: The perfect gift for your gadget-loving Dad

The AAWireless is a must-have gadget to make your father’s daily commute easier.

It will save him time in the morning and make his drives convenient, stress-free, safer, and enjoyable. And end his constant struggle with annoying USB cables. From this Father’s Day, Android Auto will start automatically as he gets into his car.

There’ll never be a better time than now to buy this car gadget as from June 7 to 14, 2024 you get a 15% Father’s Day discount. Just head over to Amazon to get it.

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